My Approach to Intimacy Directing

My approach to directing intimacy begins with creating a culture of consent when staging scenes which have nudity, sexual violence or any physical contact which highlights the intimate nature of characters.  To me, open communication is important to establish between myself, the performer, and the director about the intimacy and its service to the storytelling. 

I choreograph scenes of this nature with an understanding of the story, the given circumstances that surround the scene and the consent of the performers.   I use desexualized language which is notated and recorded by the performer and stage management on agreed to intimacy choreography.

I use the foundation of best practices and getting consent before performers approach any choreography of heightened physical scenes that are sexual in nature.  Applying  Boundary practice and permission to touch, I provide the tools that are necessary to give and receive consent with no judgement, keeping boundaries intact.  This practice empowers the performer’s own agency to support and protect their well-being by using these techniques. 

My intimacy directing practices support brave, creative spaces in classrooms, rehearsals, and all production areas, especially for BIPOC performers.